Purebred Labrador Puppies


Last August 2011, we decided to add to our family, and looked into getting a black lab. I found Abbeys Labs, on the internet and got in touch with her. We were able to go to her house and pick out our own little puppy when he was only 3 weeks old. It was so exciting and boy were they all soooo cute. But we decided to go with the little more active one. Anyways, as excited as we were, we had to wait till he was 6 weeks old before we could take him home. Abbey was really great with answering any questions and keeping me posted on "SHADOWS" growth. Before we knew it, it was the big day! We went and picked him up. Let me tell you, they are the CUTEST puppies EVER! And at six weeks they are still so small.....but of course, that doesn't last long. :) We got him home, and he was like taking care of a newborn. You don't sit down much! What was fun to watch with Shadow, was we would throw a toy and he would stalk it and then pounce...super cute! It's like they already have that hunter in them right away. But we didn't get Shadow to be a hunting dog, we just wanted a lovable dog around the house, and that is what we got. Like any puppy, they have to go the bathroom ALOT! So you pretty much spend the first month running back and forth outside. But they learn very fast! We taught Shadow a trick, once he was about 8 weeks old, we started working with him letting us know when he needed to go out. We bought these bells that you hang on the door that he goes out. Anyways, every time we would take him out we would show him the bells and ring them and say outside, then take him out. It probably took a good month or so, but he got it. It is soooo nice because every time he needs to go out, he rings the bell with his nose. No more messes! :) We have taught him a few tricks. He can sit, shake and lay down on command. We also can get him to stay and wait when we need him to. He loves to fetch stuff and kind of bring it back to you. He doesn't like to let go of it. :) but I know for a fact if we worked with him. We could easily have him fetching and releasing. I don't know, how much more we will try and teach him. He fits into our laidback easy going life style very well. He can be a total spaz, or just totally chill with you. It is pretty much whatever mood you set for him. He loves to crawl under the covers and sleep. I am always worried if he can breath. But he loves it! Shadow learned the word "NO" very quickly. I was really worried about getting a Christmas tree this year because I was for sure that he would not leave it alone. Again, I was wrong. As soon as we put it up, he went over to it, I told him NO and he never bothered it. Every time he goes and tries to get into things, which of course he does, I just tell him NO and he leaves it alone. He is pretty cool! His personality is over all SWEET and VERY LOVING! Even when he does something he is not suppose to, I don't seem to get too upset about it. He just looks at me with those beautiful brown eyes and you just can't help but just love him! I don't know what else to say about him except that we love him and I couldn't imagine him not being apart of our family! I would highly recommend Abbey and her labs to anyone! Abbey is great with keeping up with you and answering ANY questions you have once you get your puppy home. And her labs are sweet and beautiful!!!!! Sincerely, Lori Jewell

We bought O'Neal in October 2011 and he has been the best dog ever! He will be 6 months old on January 24th and he was potty trained that same weekend we got him, he only had one accident. We can leave him out when no one is home, he is very well mannered and beautiful! I had my 1 1/2 yr old neice over and she fed him his food out of her hand and was in his face and he was so gentle with her. I would absolutely recommend Abbey and I would get another puppy from her! She had everything prepared and organized when we came to get O'Neal and made us feel very welcome! :) Melissa Summer

My new puppy Jasper is the son of Gunner from his litter in November of 2011. Although I didn't purchase a puppy from Abigail. I would love to vouch for Gunner as a Sire. Jasper was so smart, such a good listener and the best dog anyone could ask for and so cute obviously, I had to find out more about his dad. So I searched the web for a while until I found him. I talked to Abigail for a while about how Gunner was and she basically explained my baby Jasper. Jasper was potty trained within the first week and a half we had him. He mastered sit, shake, down and speak soon there after. I originally bought him to duck hunt. As I still plan to, and while working with him on training I realized how smart he actually is. He knows how to respond to commands I've never even taught him. He has a sixth sense that knows what I want him to do. He's just an over all excellent puppy. He is almost 4 months now, and weighs a few pounds over 50 lbs. and comes up to my knee. So he's a big boy. Jasper loves his belly rubbed and snuggling. He is the biggest toy hog ever! If our other female lab has a toy Jasper isn't having any of that. He goes right up to her and steals the toy instantly, it's hilarious. He's a very free spirited dog which is excellent although he is somewhat stubborn but I think that's a male thing. I can tell if Jasper is bored or upset because he sighs really loud. If you touch him and he just wants to sleep he lets you know with one of those deep sighs that he wants to be left alone. I definitely recommend getting a puppy from the Morrows. If they are anything like mine, you'll love them do death.
Sincerely, Justin and Jasper =)

Abbey's Labradors are THE healthiest, friendliest, easiest, and best looking dogs you could ever get from a breeder.  My bf and I had adopted a black lab from Abbey's 2013 winter litter named Gus. I was never much of a dog person.  I actually only preferred cats.  After living with Gus, I am absolutely obsessed.  I couldn't believe how easy it was to train him!  I always heard that lab puppies are very hard in the beginning, but that was not the case with Gus.  We live with two other big dogs in our house who are much older, and Gus at 5 months was better behaved than all of them!  Not only was he super easy to train, but his loving nature is what melts my heart.  Labradors are known to be friendly dogs, but Gus absolutely adores his people.  Every single night he has to be curled up in between my bf and me by our heads.  He's also very gentle with my cat, which was my main concern.  Another thing that may convince you to adopt from her litters, are that two of our friends also have adopted from Gus' same litter and are equally as satisfied with their new family addition.  He has been such a joy to have around to say the least.   Not to mention, you won't find a better looking dog elsewhere.  We get compliments all the time about what a great looking/fit dog he is.  We've enjoyed him so much that we are going to be adopting ANOTHER one of Abbey's labs by the end of the summer of 2014.  This time around we'll be getting a yellow male and we can't wait!  If you want the absolute best companion/family pet, I'd highly recommend adopting from her litters.  They are worth EVERY penny!

Katie LaHaye
Lansing area